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Friday, December 6, 2013

October 2013

October was kind of a blur for me. I was away at school for most of the month, so there aren't many pictures. Halloween was a bust- we didn't get to go trick or treating because of bad weather. Thankfully, a local church had a huge fall festival the weekend before, so we got to dress up and have a lot of fun that night! I found a brand new giraffe costume for for Phia for $5 at a thrift store, it was adorable except of course she refused to wear the hat. Roo was officially Artemis, her favorite Greek goddess, but for the festival she went as a cheerleader because Mommy and Daddy were slacking on getting her goddess costume made! Thankfully we got it together by the time Halloween actually rolled around. Daddy took the munchkins to a great little party that happened to be at a church right around the corner from us. Sadly, I couldn't make it home from school for that.
One very significant thing that stands out about October is Phia's attachment to Holly the Red Panda. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, and I'm sure it was much earlier than October, but suddenly one day she woke up was SUPER attached to her. No more may-may (monkey blanket) being dragged around all over the place (although she does still want it when she sleeps). Holly the Red Panda is her one true love. She named it herself, and you must always call her by her full name-Holly the Red Panda. If you don't Phia will quickly correct you. She goes everywhere with Holly (if you look closely you will see her in almost every single picture from here on out), and Phia is the most loving little mommy to her, she kisses her, feeds her, shares her drink, even makes sure she has covers at bedtime. She is so sweet to Holly-until she gets angry. Then Holly the Red Panda is the first thing she throws. Poor panda, she must be so confused.

notice poor sad Holly the Red Panda on the ground. . . fits. 




hughesfamily said...

I'm happy you are back! Love all of the updates!!

Roo said...

So cute!